What would be your reaction if an acclaimed female artiste registered interest to remix a song you only released a couple of months back? Grant the request right away? Ask for payment of sorts? Snub the request? That is the kind of question only Patoranking can answer best. Read More

She may not be your obvious household name in Ugandan music. But she has a couple of songs out –those I am aware of. Not many have even heard of her. A Google search returned an uncoordinated set of results. Random names from places as far-flung as India and Indonesia. It was at this point that I realized I was on a wild goose chase. Read More

Song Review: Ebyama – Desire Luzinda
When my good friend, Med Kimbugwe, asked for my view on Desire Luzinda’s latest song, I was a bit hesitant to really give it a lot of attention. I somehow anticipated it would be another average effort. For the bigger part of the song, she scores pretty well, vocally. Read More

Last month marked 25 years since he went to rest. Born Francois Luambo Luanzo Makiadi on July 6Th 1938 in the village of Sona-Bata, in the Bas Zaire region, he would go on to conquer the continent with his captivating compositions. His father, Joseph Emongo was a railroad worker while his mother sold homemade bread at the local market. Read More

Kolinga nalingaki yo Nzele, batémoin bazalaki te…
(When I loved u Nzele, there were no witnesses)
Namituni solo tokabwani, mikolo mibale nga nakamwa Read More

They are commonly referred to as the big three; Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone in no particular order. They represent a breed of musicians that have revolutionized the face of Ugandan music over the past 10-15 years. They revitalized the average Ugandan’s interest in local music. Read More

While almost ALL popular songs mask themselves this way, this particular song does so in such a shallow way that it is an almost non-existent veil.  She only uses the word, “love” twice at the beginning of her song and once later.  The usage of this word is placed squarely within the concept of “loving one’s servitude”Read More

Verse 1
Another one for the ladies, sauti sol
Yeah yeah baby
Touch me baby
Tulipokuwa prymo,ulisema umeninoki
Nikakuseti kwa odijo Read More
Kitoko Etondi Yo Nzoto Maze, Namona Moto Nini Nameka Na Yo Te O,             
Urembo Umekujaa Maze, Sioni Mtu Ambaye Naweza Linganisha Nawe,
Motema Na Ngai Ekangami Motambo Na Yo, Bapekisa Batikala Na Soni O, Read More

Oh what a kokodiosis song,
A Rinex production
Fire burn Bebe cool, remember...Read More

Tubonge, Chameleone naomba
(Togetherness, is all Chameleone is asking for)
(Let's Make up)
Mungu Baba, We long ye'
(God our father, We long for you)
Gospel time now...ooh Lord. Read More

It's Been A Long, Long, Long, Long Time,
(Paddy Producer-Audio One- Come In) Read More

Into (Rema)
Ooh… Ooh… Ooh… sweet music…

Chorus (Rema)
I’ll be missing you when yo gone away (gone away…)
I’ll be holding on till you come again (come again…) Read More

Yes man! Yung Mulo again!
Producer Exo! Josh Media 2012!
Ume ting ting taya! Read More

Sibidobadobadey… yeah… am crying…
I see yo face in di other side (am crying…) Read More

I got to go- badilisha
And let you go, 
Unaniumiza sana ninateseka,
Ndani moyoni mimi naumwa Read More

We ka piripiri kandi kulibe wamene angani pasa cikondi che’umeni pasa
(My (little) hot pepper [sung in Bemba] there’s no one who can give me the love you give me [sung in Nyanja])
Angel wanga kulibe wamene anganipasa cikondi che’umani pasa [sung in Nyanja]
(My angel, there’s no one who can give me the love you give me) Read More