Thursday, August 30, 2018

Perspective | Will King Saha fill Mowzey Radio's Shoes?

It sounded like an idle joke when the rumor first did the rounds. Saha had just done the intro on Weasel’s tribute to the departed Radio, "Tokyayitaba".

Released in such a haste that a song that should have been titled "Tayitaba" ended up with that we now know as its official title, one would be forgiven for glossing over Saha’s cameo, for he never did much more in the four-minute long composition.

He went on and did "Biri biri" and the world’s cynics, including yours truly, felt that his was a poor xerox of "Neera", Mowzey Radio’s blockbuster song that eventually became one of Museveni’s two campaign theme songs.

When he teams up with the singing DJ duo of Roja and Slick Stuart on "Very well", there is an apparent attempt at going pseudo-Naija, in a manner reminiscent of Radio's ephemeral gravitation towards the same when he sang "Talk and talk", "Ole" and "Magnetic".

King Saha and Weasel's telepathy comes to life in "Mpa Love", the duo's latest project. He may not have the vocal prowess nor the lyrical artistry of Mowzey, but one salient factor in the duo’s latest single is the chemistry, and boy do they flow!