Saturday, November 23, 2013

UG Lyrics: Fire Anthem - Bebe Cool (East African Bashment Crew)

King of the jungle, Love child,  First Lady

Ladies and Gentlemen
Introducing East African Bashment  crew
You know them fire (like it adlib)
You know we fire, fire... (2x)
You know
You know we fire
Yes man, we fire
You know we fire, fire... (2x)
Inna di club, everybody push up their hands (ey yo, ey yo)
Pretty girl in the black, won't  wind up your waist (ey yo, ey yo)
While the rude bwoy around, just mash up the place (ey yo, ey yo)
These are the East African Reggae Bashment Crew (ey yo, ey yo)
Verse 1
Inna di place, rude girl step up  No man can test
Na who dat want fit test  East African bashment, the best
Look how we spread, fire, fire, upon the place
Flash up on your lighter, rooms we are bless
It no matter wearing trouser or dress
Party is a party so we blaze up the place (2x) 
Rude bwoy, won't you come with me (light)
Under the sycamore tree
Then after maybe be you and me
Can go down the shasha money
Repeat Chorus
Verse 2
Unstoppable combination since aguuji...
Step on stage like we step in a movie
Love Child violate yourself, you better sue me
It take a lot of problem fit do me  2x
Can a love child lover get a chance with you
East African lady (don know that)
My bashment lady (excuse me)
Ragga verse

Repeat Chorus
Verse 3
Wind it up, my baby girl
Me want fit make sure me get a better angle
Cuz me the king of the jungle
That's why me must get in a better angle
Sometimes I feel so nice and I wanna get close to you
Cos when I get so close to you,  my girl, I feel so nice
Sometimes I feel so nice when  I get close to you
Necessary Noize, Bebe Cool
East African Reggae Bashment Crew

Repeat Chorus

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