Saturday, November 23, 2013

UG Lyrics: Missing You – Bebe Cool ft Rema

Into (Rema)
Ooh… Ooh… Ooh… sweet music…

Chorus (Rema)
I’ll be missing you when yo gone away (gone away…)
I’ll be holding on till you come again (come again…)
I’ll be missing you when yo gone away (gone away…)
I’ll be holding on till you comin’ back (comin’ back…)

Verse 1 (Bebe Cool)
Time and time again,
I’ve thinking about, my life without you
Still can’t figure out, what I’m gonna do,
Or how will I feel without you
A lot of confusion in my life
Cos I dunno if I can say goodbye to you
With me alone in my life
I will use my eyes to eat, I will never touch you girl
Kati tondeka mu full temptation
Nja kufuba nkulis’amaaso gange nogabooga
No matter who, no matter what, no matter where
Nja kufuba nkulindelinde ko gwe


Verse 2
Nja kufuba okukulindalinda ko…
Naye bwolindalinda ko, njagala obe mugumu
Nja kufuba okugaana abalala…
Gwe nomal’obakwatako, nze tonkwatako
Nja kufuba okukulotalota ko…
Gwe nomal’otandoota nange sikulota yo
Nkukakasa kmu sigya kukubalika…
Gwe nomal’ontobalika nze nkusalako nako
Tick tock tick tock the clock will ring
As I’m holding back, waiting for you
Replacement rejected, no one can fit
The atmosphere condusive, for you and for me


Verse 3 (Rema)
Love is not an explainable ting…
And that’s why I cannot replace your sweet love…
And if I could ever replace your sweet love…
I cannot replace your heart…


Hahahaha, classic!
Buzz Studios, Kingsley Prince!
Good ragga music a ball…
Alongside Rema, remember dat
Serious business agwan…

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