Hello, and thank you for dropping by.  I guess you will find this blog a bit peculiar. It’s a mixed bag of sorts. It's about almost anything I come across. From travel to technology and music and culture and everything else inbetween. 

Dan Atuhaire is my name. IT Engineer and Consultant since 2007, with career experience in IT, Core Banking, Mobile Commerce, Systems Analysis and Integration and Database Administration.

I enjoy reading a variety of disciplines; history, technology, psychology and sports (athletics, basketball and soccer in no particular order). I am a big fan of SC Villa, Miami Heat, Power, Arsenal and Barcelona. 

My other interests are in music, lifestyle, travel, football and pop culture among others. Every once in a while, I scour the internet and pick on a few things and download some apps (which eventually mess up my gadgets) and I write about them. I like to think of myself as a jerk of all trades, with unrivaled phobia for swimming. 

The comments’ section at the end of each post is for you, esteemed reader.  Share your thoughts and let us know what you think about whatever you read here. Enjoy your reading.