Thursday, April 28, 2011

[SA Lyrics] Born for this - HHP Ft. Liquideep

I do it big
And you know this fo sho
I was born for this
Cos I hustle, I stay focused fo sho
I was born for this
Oh yes
See no matter what they say this will be made
I was born for this

Ma-e (teargas)
Bes’funda ngekhandlela but now we shine bright, lighting up the whole city. We, we by far,
Bright stars, go getters. We, we fly high, g5, real jetters, klever vulindlela. Yispithipithi kaslam mangvela. Qude manikiniki wuban’ ozoyimela.
It aint easy flying over clouds so, phuma kimi lighty phola daar.

Ntukza (teargas)
Dikakapa di kopane babitse kaofela, haretla ka dipapadi retlile kaofepa.
Dichabachaba, kammeno ke dijo, diphalafala merethetho ke pitso.
Dipula tsamedupi sechabeng sarantsho, retibele dipudi ditabeng tsa batho.
Retswelle re pushe nne re e pele,rekenelle rerute hure chelete pele.


I floss better. I've never been scared of adding the special ingredient so I mature better.
Now rele otlela something so we all get up. lyrics from museke.comHago fitlha what I say, everybody must opela!
Now re dipoo fela kamo lesakeng. Liquideep-i, mahipi a teargas once again.
Doing it bigger & better. Making that cheddar, however it doesn't matter. As long as we're doing it all together…

K.O (teargas)
I’ve seen dreams get deferred. Amagenge ebhodla indlala what i’ve seen is the worst.
Intanga zami zilele 6 feet in the dirt. Bathi kimi keep pushing. I been giving birth.
I know u see me now i’m free as a bird. Uyamazi u k.O I go in with the verse.
I’m mean with the words. I’m a king, i’m the first. All white swagga, clean as a nurse.


Liquid deep vox
From the beginning it’s been on. Set my sights to the heights, now i’m gone.
Can’t let my dreams just fade away no. And I wont let you bring me down, no, down.
Now everybody in the place, if you feel this way put your hands up and say,
I was born for this.


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