Thursday, November 27, 2014

Music | Song Review: Ebyama – Desire Luzinda

When my good friend, Med Kimbugwe, asked for my view on Desire Luzinda’s latest song, I was a bit hesitant to really give it a lot of attention. I somehow anticipated it would be another average effort. For the bigger part of the song, she scores pretty well, vocally.

The beat is rather catchy, and without sounding too up-tempo for unfit souls to dance to. That is a plus on the production. This somehow makes it an all-weather (or is it all occasion?) song. The strong bass lines are reminiscent of the original Kwaito beats. The kind used, say, in Brenda Fassie's Vuli Ndlela, with a slight tweak.

The Cons
What are those words she mumbles in the last part of the song's supposed chorus? They somewhat get swallowed by a combination of the beats and a mixture of her vocals. It would take a great deal of keenness for someone listening to it for the first time to grasp what she is talking about.

Music is something one is supposed to relax to, and not something one has to strain to hear the words, unless their primary interest, of course, is in the beats and the visual entertainment. This is unless one is doing world music where the lyrics may not matter much.

What happens when she is performing it live? She might want the audience to sing along when she gets to this part. It's a vital break of sorts where an artiste gets to catch a breath during live performance. What words will the audience sing?

If she is to perform it to a live band, one of two things might have to be done - either the bass is reduced (very possible), or the band raises vocals so the actual words can be heard. 

On the whole, it's an apt follow-up on Ekitone, whose audio – to be fair to her – was actually released a couple of months before her nudes were leaked, contrary to popular belief that it was meant to keep her afloat in the industry. 
Written by Pastor Wilson Bugembe, the lyrics seem to have been well thought through; much better than Ekitone, in my opinion. 7/10.
Dan A.

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