Monday, December 2, 2013

Of Dreams Still Unfulfilled

Of dreams still unfulfilled,
And childhood fantasies that no longer leave me thrilled…
The dream job and fancy car; 
The fat salary and a life so full of flair,
The failed prospects that leave me in despair!

Hard work is the key to success-I was once told,
But the pangs of frustration drive my efforts cold…
I once aspired to be a pharmacist,
But have since ended up a computer scientist!

I still dream of a side career in journalism,
But remain inhibited by limited opportunities, or is it utter pessimism?
“Not really”, my inner self seems to say…
It wouldn’t hurt my ego, as long as it came with a decent pay!

And quite often has it come to show on my face,
The oft somber look and downcast guise…
The things I struggle to accept in my life,
The frustration, the despondence and the strife!

It’s all no facade,
Nor could it be a charade…
Just my way of reminiscing on what I wished my world to be,
And how it has since turned out to be!

Will I go on whining?
Or rather continue dreaming…
That I’ll soon wake up to a brand new dawn,
Of a spirited and solvent life, delightfully thriving in a world of my own?
My best response to this remains unknown!

-Dan B. Atuhaire

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