Monday, December 2, 2013

I finally settle in, at my new Crib…My house is broken into!

My search for conducive neighborhood eventually led me to Kiwatule, and made me think I had finally got a place to call home-at least for the following few years or so… The next-door residents-my new neighbors, were very amiable folks, and those that I can comfortably rely on to kill off a boring weekend, if they happen to stay around.

For starters, this was a newly constructed unit, in which we happened to be pioneer occupants. The hassle to get houses at the time was very stiff (I do think it still is), and the prime location of this residence meant that this was one place that I could not just wish away. The unit had not been connected to the main power grid yet, but I grudgingly accepted to pay rent in the hope that the issue would be sorted out soon. That is where my blues started from…

Two weeks into my new residence, there were no signs of electricity. I had been promised connection by my land lady a week before, and my patience was now growing thin. I could no longer stand it, but I had no choice. The lady had completed final payments, and was awaiting communication from the powers that be; at Umeme. And that’s where Eddy, one of my new neighbors came in. 

Having suffered my own credit crunch of sorts, my pockets were dry at the time, but Eddy decided to foot the extra bills so we could soon have some power. After rigorous cajoling and countless phone calls, he linked up with an old pal, and power soon got installed. So here I was, wearing such a satisfied look after overcoming what I had considered my toughest challenge in this new environment. Little did I know what awaited me.

I was returning late from work a few weeks later when I got a little shocked to find my bedroom light on. I normally switched it off whenever I was leaving, so I didn’t think I could have left it on that day. I inched closer to find my back door ajar and slowly pushed to enter. Reality struck me when I found the TV stand bare-my house had been broken into while I was away.

None of my neighbours had been around that day as we are all away during daytime, so the only help they could offer was to do with the investigations, starting with maiden introductions to my new LC1 Chairman. My favorite pastimes --my laptop and TV now had new owners.
-Dan B. Atuhaire

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