Monday, December 2, 2013


What a year you were,
For you brought the world cup to our backyard
You were more than just a world cup year
With many an epiphany, you came
In quite more ways than one!


You granted me a chance to fly…
But denied me Christmas with my family,
Conniving with my boss to have me marooned
From Lusaka I write this,
Grouching and grinning in turn…
As nostalgia and fiscal delight define my emotions!

Hillsongs, James Blunt and Eminem still ruled my world,
Of occasional bliss on one side,
Sheer petulance and melancholy on the other
Mixed feelings is all I could call it,
For such thoughts oft left me in a spin

You were the year,
My emotions finally got the better of me,
You set my hormones in motion,
I am transfixed by some benign damsel,
Making me look forward to D-day!

You were the year,
In which I met many a writer,
Inspiring Souls that pushed me to write on
So Often, I felt you were too short
You were, indeed, a great year!

- Dan B. Atuhaire

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