Monday, December 2, 2013

Grand fete II: The forecast, and Yours Truly Bows Out

This Saturday, the 26th October 2013, marks exactly 7 months and 10 days since the two teams last had joint merry. We are talking Customer Service & IT, here. It was fun, then. We all got to enjoy ourselves. News filtering in suggests tomorrow will be a reloaded version of the same. Yours truly will not be able to make it. The account below is only a figment of my imagination, Of how it will all pan out. It’s one of those fetes you only miss because you have no choice.

The Meeting Point
Back then, it was Airtel house. Majority of the team has since shifted to the all spacious Bugolobi  office. The same means of transport might be used, and the numbers could be slightly higher than last time. Departure time will be later than planned as some of the folks could have carried over the previous day’s work.

Some will have a last minute change of mind. Others will be true African time keepers. So whoever is hoping to set off at the communicated time might have to brace themselves for an extra 30 minutes. My gut feeling seems to suggest this will be the case.

Who Will be Present?  
Geoffrey Kasibante. When I asked him about this outing, his response was: “Mwana, Kituufu. Jangu” (Yeah, It’s on. Please join us). You could sense a tinge of excitement in his speech. Dorothy Kyeyune is a stickler for office coherence. One of those souls that religiously toes the line of workplace togetherness.

She will make an appearance. Carol Ashaba, Lynda Nabayiinda, Diane Nassolo and Jennifer Nakaddu will be there, too. Acting civil. Like their in-laws have them under surveillance checks for excess revelry. There could be some new faces as well. And Jael will be there to ‘godmother’ her team. Ritah Tamale could complete the supporting cast.

The Attire
As creepy as it may sound, a few folks’ wardrobes will still grab attention. Others have trademarks that will always stand out. Flavia Kiggundu has since added on a couple of grams. She will wear jeans. She likes them blue. They give her the kind of derriere Jackie B bears when she dons high-heeled footwear. Faith Bugonzi almost had the rigors of the last fete turn her legs bandy. She’ll take a back seat and revel from a comfortable viewpoint.

Umar Matovu has another Man United jersey. The one we didn’t see last time. They(United) haven’t been at their best this season, so he doesn’t have the new away kit yet. He wore red last time.  I guess he will don white tomorrow. Oh, and Ivan Ngobi will have his specs on (Duh. Like he doesn’t wear all the time). Diana Birungi is the kind of person you would want to have on your team. One of those folks that are capable in inventing fun. So she could still join the team, and make merry with those present.

Bavo will wear brown shoes. He seems to have a rich collection of these. I guess if he flung a random coin at his shoe rack, there is a 90% chance that it will land into a brown shoe. He has a stylish wrist watch, too. With a brown strap. He might want to match it with the shoes.  Fred and his team of backbenchers, too, will be present.

Signing Out
None of the above, of course, may be true. My apologies for bringing you this far. I just realized I had not bidden you farewell in a manner that I should have (though the IT team were in the know, already). I hoped I would make it for this outing, too… Many of you probably heard it through correspondences.

I have since sneaked out of town to see what this side of the world has to offer. You were a wonderful people. One of the most awesome teams I have interacted with in my not-so-long IT career. I liked your rapport. I remain as available as ever. You can still catch me via Skype or Gmail. Happy team building. Adios!
-Dan B. Atuhaire

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