Friday, April 1, 2011

Ug Lyrics - A little bit of love (Feat. Sophie Gobya , Ham K , Juliana Kanyomozi , Blu3)

Verse 1
I got a little something

That I'd like to share with you yeah,
It's a little bit dark
A little bit cold and it's hard to bear

Togwa mumatigga
Otuke okwejjusa nga bwayita
Tokemebwa wama
Fuba nyo okwewala

If we could see Past the pleasures
of life Then maybe we'd know
The real meaning of life

Chorus 2x A little bit of love
And a little bit of hope A little

bit of caution is all we need A
little bit wiser A little bit smarter
Your heart's been calling (2x)

Verse 2
When the heat is on
And your groove is on When the light is green
Put your brakes on Always be faithful Use your protection

It will save a rainy day, yeah,yeah
Bwekuba kulinda
Naddala abaato mumyaka temupapa

Atemwe abafumbo mukuume obwesigwa
If we could see Past the borders of life
Obulamu bubwo

Fuba obukuume bulungi

Repeat Chorus 2x
Verse 3
Wulira omutima gwo
Kyegugamba wama

Osobole okukyusa embeera yo
This may seem harder each day we try
But as long as we fight it we can win

Repeat Chorus 2x
Bridge Obulamu bwo bukuume
Buno obulwadde buuta sibwa muzannyo

Tomala gagenda, wekuume
Bulamu bwo bukuume
Buno obulwadde buuta sibwa muzannyo

Tomala gagenda, wekuume
Tomala gagenda
Rap Verse Yo! AIDS is real,
Something that we all can feel
United as one against the disease is the way we all can win
So join forces

Be a part of the world wide AIDS Vaccine
Research team
You heard me
One time Walter
Reed came to the scene
Came to fight this killing disease

Use your brain, do not take on the risk
Clear your life from the rest
If you are careless with it, you know
Twandibadde tukola namanyi

Nga tetwebaka buli lunaku
Nga twetala
Bulamu bwa kakyo kano
Bufusse bwansozi
Obulamu busana magezi

We need to pray
If you're lonely
You get some love
You never know this world
Could get out of control
Keep on searching
And find some love

Find some love
Just a little bit
A little bit of love
Bangi bagenze
Just a little bit
Little bit of hope till fade Just a little bit

Little bit of love till fade

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