Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ug Lyrics - Bugumu [Navio]


Heyyyyy, when the lights go out
Hey watch your back

Hey! hey watch your back x 4

Heyyyyy, when the lights go out
Hey watch your back

Hey! hey watch your back x 5


Buli kiseera, bali mu salooni
Esawa yoona, bali mu salooni
Buli lunaku, bali mu salooni
Omwaka gwona, bali mu salooni


I pull up, to the club in the ride
I pull up, my pants and go inside
I pull up, to the bar lookin spry
I pull up, my drink I’m alright
I pull up, this chic to the right
I pull up, to a spot for the night

Her man calls her a little too soon and she tells him
“Ndi mu Salooni eh!”
Guess she mastered the craft, same thing I do when I happen to rap
Is what she is now, as for the past,
She never felt whole without her hand on her …(inhale)
And now she wants two…
To say the truth as a matter of fact,
I rather she’s puffing on half of her pack
Than runnin right into trouble actin like that
Its no biggy she just having a blast with the cash, but!


A signal, what yo boy should give you
A signal, couldn’t she just tip you
A signal, when a gals gonna get you
A signal, when a man’s gonna hit you
A signal, when shes gonna try flip you
A signal, before she acts like she miss you

She said, Don’t worry every time you wanna see me, I’ll tell him
“Ngenda kusiba enviiri”
Shes tryna lay down, game now
Good thing I never told her my name now
Good thing we don’t roll in the same crowd
So this is how fellas get played, WOW!
Once lost on that track and she aint found
And she still got peeps that stay down
Nightclubs have become her playground
If you wanna get played, okay clown


Sawa mukaga, kilo full mooni
Baby, okola ki mu salooni?
Eyo balwanye mu muzigo ye salooni?
Oba kilabu (club) jje bayita salooni? X 2

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