Monday, February 18, 2019

Perspective | On MC Kats and The Art of Wearing a Songwriter's Hat

When Juliana Kanyomozi approached Silver Kyagulanyi for a song concept we now know as Nabikoowa, the latter did not have to look far. She had just severed ties with Amon Lukwago and was seeking to bury herself in an alternative pastime.

Silver Kyagulanyi simply looked at Juliana's then life trajectory and figured what would have been apt for her.

It was the same case for Chizzo, real names Richard Lubega, and Tickie Tah (Joseph Luwaga) in the aftermath of Bebe Cool's ephemeral breakup with Zuena Kirema in early 2009.

The two, respectively, wrote Nasalawo and Bamugambe, songs that started the now commonplace same-day album launch duels. They were part of Bebe Cool's Bamugambe album that was launched on the same day as Bobi Wine's Carolina in 2009.

In writing the two songs, the two songwriters simply looked at what had transpired in Bebe's life in the previous eight months.

In 2013, Desire Luzinda was in dire need of a musical comeback when she approached Mowzey Radio for an idea. The result was Ekitone, a song that earned her no less than 100 performances the following year.

It was no surprise, therefore, that David Lutalo could think of "Love Again" when Fille Mutoni sought his services for a new song.

It has since deeply stung his estranged boyfriend, MC Kats, that he had to cut short her performances the two times she's performed it, the latest being at Vegas Chillout, the Kawempe-based hangout.

In the aftermath of MC Kats' mental histrionics, Fille is said to have been so incensed that her next sing will be about the size (or effectiveness) of Kats' manhood.

If there's anybody MC Kats ought to blame, it would have to be the creative ingenuity of David Lutalo.

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