Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Culture | Noun Similarities (Continued)

If you’ve followed Ugandan music for some time, you must have listened to a certain song called Maoko na Maoko (Shona for "hands to hands") by Jose Chameleone.

But did you notice the similarity of the wording to a couple of other Bantu languages? "Maoko" sounds similar to its Kinyarwanda equivalent – Amaboko (You may come across alternative names like "Umukono". Both apply).

Coincidentally, this Kinyarwanda version is similar to its Lingala equivalent. Only the first letter is removed in the plural form (Maboko).

The singular versions, however, differ. While the Kinyarwanda version for a single hand is "Ukuboko" (or "Umukono" as earlier explained), the Lingala version is "Liboko".

Once in a while, you'll hear your favorite Congolese musician singing "Maboko likolo" (Hands up in the air). Now you know what they mean by that phrase.

Different languages, similar nomenclature. 

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