Thursday, March 19, 2015

Music | AK47: Tribute to A talented Singer

Today, the local music fraternity bids farewell to talented dancehall/ragga artiste, Emmanuel Mayanja, aka AK47 aka Akay (Got this name shortly after joining Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep, recently). He has been described in more ways than many of us can remember. Talented, Humble, respectful, jolly, hardworking etc.

As a tribute to his efforts, we’ll be cataloguing the songs he did in his short career.

Presenting: The AK47 Playlist;

(1) Action Packed
(2) Better Dance
(3) Big Up (Ft. Atlas, Chameleone)
(4) Bigambo byabwe
(5) Boda Dance
(6) Champion
(7) Ebaluwa
(8) Go like so
(9) Gweyaliwo (Ft. Bakri Matovu)
(10) Gyal A Bubble (Ft. Diziza)
(11) Kidandali (There is a remix ft. Ziza Bafana as well)
(12) Movie Star (Ft. Chameleone & Atlas)
(13) Musajja Watu (Ft. King Saha)
(14) Ndi Muzibu (Ft. Schwarz)
(15) Ndi Mulokole (Was yet to be released)
(16) Nsabayo Akaseera (Ft. Ganja Nana)
(17) Oliwa (Ft. Witty Witty)
(18) One time Lover (Ft. Jackie Chandiru)
(19) Onemye - There is a remix featuring Pallaso as well
(20) Semusajja Agenda (Also known as Kaleeba, featuring Jose Chameleone. There is a remix of the same, featuring Gravity Omutujju)
(21) She looks so nice (Ft. Kalifa Aganaga)
(22) Story (Ft. Bakri)
(23) Tell em say (Ft. Beenie Gunter)
(24) Tukikolemu
(25) Twazilwanako (Ft. Bakri and Sheebah)
(26) Yoono
(27) You Should Know
(28) Nalongo Wange
(29) Teli Amusinga (Ft. Brenda Birungi)

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